The New Heello

We’ve been working hard for the past 6 months on the new Heello and we want to share our vision with you. Check out to get a quick overview.

Some back story

We launched the initial version of Heello almost a year ago and we were blown away by having 1 million people sign up in just 2 weeks. We rushed that version of Heello out the door as quickly as possible due to a potential contractual issue (which is a non-issue now) and because of that, it lacked some of the big features we wanted to add. (As they say: if you’re not embarrassed by your first version then you launched too late)

Where we are now

The new version of Heello will be launching in the next few months. A completely brand new UI and native iOS / Android apps will be in that launch.

Developers will be a major part of what we’re trying to accomplish, so we’re putting a huge focus on our developer ecosystem. We want to provide open communication with our developers and a solid platform for them to build on with confidence.

Main features of the new Heello

  • Simple UI that focuses on your timeline
  • Inline photos and videos in timelines
  • Native check-in functionality backed by a global database of over 58 million places
  • A big focus on our developer ecosystem
  • Users will own their data

If you have any questions or feedback please feel free to email me at

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