Important Update for the old

Hello heello’ers, we are drawing very near to the launch of the new Heello. We want to update you on what’s going to happen to the current so that you can plan accordingly.

Here’s what will be happening:

  • The current will be shutdown on November 16th
  • All current usernames and listeners / listening to will be retained and ported to the new Heello
  • Pings (including photos and videos) will NOT be retained. We will provide an export feature so that you can download your ping data. We will update when that is available.
We are very excited to launch what will become the new and we thank you for support along the way.
UPDATE: Email if you would like us to export your old pings before the old Heello is shut down. Make the subject of the email “Export Pings”.
UPDATE: The old heello is now shutdown and the export period has completed


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